Safety and Workers' Compensation: Safety at the workplace is possibly the most important aspect that can, if not handled properly, lead to devastating results. It is vital that employers follow the necessary steps to keep employees safe. With our experts in safety compliance, facility walk-throughs, and quarterly audits, we can make sure you stay injury free, so you can successfully avoid citations and issues that can stiffen your workflow.

​​​​​​Compensation and Benefits:​ With our ability to format all needed health plans, insurance policies, and compensation adjustments, we can make work related issues move by quickly and easily. With constant changes in new laws and regulations, we can not only keep you up to date, but help avoid penalties. While at the same time we can accrue discounts for your business and provide you with the best insurance bundles.

Training and Development:​ An employer’s success depends a lot on the tools and resources offered to the employees they train and develop. We have the ability to not only find, but to train strong candidates, so they can ensure the growth of your workforce. We also make sure that each candidate understands the goals and expectations that your company desires.

Employment Development Department (EDD) and Laws and Regulations:
With our talented Human Resources Specialists, we will attend Unemployment Insurance (UI) hearings on your behalf and make sure that we minimize your reserve charges. We will handle the necessary documentation for EDD claims and contest such claims that at times can be bothersome and interrupt the flow of your business.

Employee Relations:​​ Our unified goal is to strengthen the employer-employee relationship through measuring job satisfaction, employee engagement, and resolving workplace conflict. We can provide the much needed guidance in a hectic work environment and make sure the challenges are met so both the employee and employer are satisfied. We will evaluate the employee’s performance and monitor improvement to ensure fulfillment is met.

Employee handbooks are in today’s business lifestyle, and are a much needed addition. A correct up to date handbook can help all employees know what their rights are, and what is expected from them on a daily basis. Well written and easy to read handbooks can help keep your company out of certain legal issues that can occur, and that at times have plagued other companies. We have the knowledge to go through all the expected forms needed in your business. 

ATA Services

We cover all angles needed for a company to not only operate but flourish in a difficult and rigorous job market. We have the experience, patience, and knowledge that is needed in any difficult situation one may come across...

Recruitment and Talent Acquisition: In today’s difficult job market, companies tend to overlook the strict regulations, the importance in background checks, and the necessary characteristics of a strong minded employee. With our extensive knowledge we can find the right type of worker that will fit the criteria and guidelines of any position needed. With our creative and competitive recruiters we will find someone who will help your company grow and reach the next pillar of success.