• Safety lessons, industry specific 
  • CAL/OSHA documentation (i.e. injury and illness Prevention Program, Accident Investigation Report, Emergency Action Program, HazCom etc.)
  • Update SDS and create a “Right to Know Center”.
  • Assist in completing all OSHA logs 300 and 301 once a claim is opened 
  • Assist in creating and posting OSHA log requirements (on a yearly basis) 
  • Provide guidance on accident reporting
  • Creation of safety forms 

Safety for your company is not only a priority but a necessity in today’s workforce. Following specific regulations can help keep your employees safe and your company out of legal issues. 

Safety requirements: 

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards and guidelines for general industry and construction

  • Facilitate monthly safety training meetings 
  • Perform quarterly facility walk-throughs
  • Create inspection reports with observations 
  • Perform quarterly committee meetings while also generating ​ meeting minutes